New September Releases At Comic Carnival

COMIC CARNIVALSeptember 7th & 8th, 2021 releases All Time Low: Young Renegades SC Amazing Spider-Man #73 Army Of Darkness 1979 #1 Avengers: Tech-On #2 (of 6) Bad Sister SC Basketball Big Shots SC Basketful Of Heads TrPB Batman #112 Batman In The Fifties TrPB Batman/Catwoman #7 (of 12) Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point HC Betty & Veronica:Continue reading “New September Releases At Comic Carnival”

New Releases Straddle Two Months This Week

COMIC CARNIVALAugust 31st & September 1st, 2021 releases Alice In Leatherland #5 Almost American #1 Alter Ego #171 Amazing Spider-Man: Chameleon Conspiracy TrPB Aquaman 80th Anniversary Spectacular #1 (of 1) Avengers #48 Back Issue #130 Basilisk #4 Batman Adventures: Cat Got Your Tongue TrPB Batman/Superman 2021 Annual #1 Batman: Fear State Alpha #1 (of 1)Continue reading “New Releases Straddle Two Months This Week”

New Marvel’s, DC’s Image’s Etc For This Week

COMIC CARNIVALAugust 24th & 25th, 2021 releases Action Comics #1,034 Alien (2021) #6 Amazing Fantasy #2 (of 5) Amazing Spider-Man #72 Avengers Annual #1 Barbaric #3 Batman/Superman #21 Batman: Reptilian #3 (of 6) Best Of Archie Comics: 80 Years, 80 Stories TrPB Big Hero 6: The Series Volume 01 Black Beacon #2 (of 6) BlackContinue reading “New Marvel’s, DC’s Image’s Etc For This Week”

This Week’s New Comics And More

COMIC CARNIVALAugust 17th & 18th, 2021 releases 1984: The Graphic Novel HC Ascender #18 Barbarella (2021) #2 Batman Secret Files: Clownhunter #1 (of 1) Batman/Catwoman #6 (of 12) Batman: Legends Of The Dark Knight #4 Bermuda #2 (of 4) Beyond The Breach #2 Black Cat (2020) #9 Black Cotton #4 (of 6) Black Hammer VisionsContinue reading “This Week’s New Comics And More”

August 10th + 11th 2021 New Releases

COMIC CARNIVALAugust 10th & 11th, 2021 releases A Man Among Ye #6 Adventures Of The Bailey School Kids Volume 01 SC Amazing Spider-Man By Spencer Vol. 13: King’s Ransom TrPB Amelia Erroway Volume 01: Castaway Commander SC America Chavez: Made In The USA #5 (of 5) Avengers: Tech-On #1 (of 6) Batman & Scooby-Doo MysteriesContinue reading “August 10th + 11th 2021 New Releases”

Win a Walking Dead Season 10 Blu!

The Walking Dead Season Ten brings the group closer to war with the Whisperers and their brutal leader, Alpha. With six bonus episodes, including the backstory “Here’s Negan.” Own The Walking Dead: The Complete Tenth Season on Digital, Blu-ray and DVD today, from Lionsgate. Reply to this post with the weapon you’d like to haveContinue reading “Win a Walking Dead Season 10 Blu!”

Bye Bye July, Hey New Comics

COMIC CARNIVALJuly 27th & 28th, 2021 releases Action Comics #1,033 Amazing Fantasy #1 (of 5) Amazing Spider-Man #71 Avatar The Last Airbender: Suki Alone SC Avengers Mech Strike #5 (of 5) Back Issue #129 Barbaric #2 Batman Secret Files: The Huntress #1 (of 1) Batman/Superman #20 Batman: Reptilian #2 (of 6) Beta Ray Bill #5Continue reading “Bye Bye July, Hey New Comics”

Win Tickets to A Quiet Place Part II

Silence is not enough! Reply with your favorite thing to shout at a monster and you could win a free digital download code for A Quiet Place Part II! Hailed by critics and audiences around the world, the biggest thriller of the summer, A QUIET PLACE PART II, comes home Sunday July 18th on Digital!Continue reading “Win Tickets to A Quiet Place Part II”

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