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What’s New For January 12th & 13th, 2020

COMIC CARNIVALJanuary 12th & 13th, 2021 releases 47 Ronin TrPB A Man Among Ye #4 Amazing Spider-Man #57 American Vampire 1976 #4 (of 9) Ascencia #1 Autumnal #4 Batman: City Of Bane Complete TrPB Batman: The Chalice TrPB Big Girls #6 Black Cat Volume 03: All Dressed Up TrPB Black Panther Party: A Graphic HistoryContinue reading “What’s New For January 12th & 13th, 2020”

The First New Comics of 2021!

COMIC CARNIVALJanuary 5th & 6th, 2021 releases Amazing Spider-Man #56 Atomic Legion TrPB Avengers By Aaron Volume 07: Age Of Khonshu TrPB Avengers West Coast Epic: How The West Was Won TrPB Batman Adventures: Robin The Boy Wonder TrPB Batman Animated: Catwoman Q-Fig Elite Diorama Figure Buffy The Vampire Slayer #21 Captain America (1968) #117Continue reading “The First New Comics of 2021!”

Final Week of 2020 New Releases

COMIC CARNIVALDecember 29th & 30th releases New Years Eve (Thurs) Open 11am – 5pm New Years Day (Fri) Open 11am – 8pm Alice Is Missing Board Game Amazing Spider-Man #55 Avatar: The Next Shadow #1 Avengers #40 Batman Annual #5 Batman: Book Crooks SC Batman: Copycat SC Batman: Detective (2018) Volume 04: Cold Vengeance TrPBContinue reading “Final Week of 2020 New Releases”

Christmas Week Comics 2020

COMIC CARNIVALDecember 22nd & 23rd releases This week’s new releases are here on time Tuesday (for DC comics) and Wednesday (for everything else)!We are open Christmas Eve (Thursday 11am – 5pm), and closed Christmas Day (Friday). Come see us Saturday during our regular hours (10am – 8pm). A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night #2Continue reading “Christmas Week Comics 2020”

Comic Carnival New Releases December 15/16 2020

COMIC CARNIVALDecember 15th & 16th releases Alter Ego #167 American Ronin #3 (of 5) Amethyst #6 (of 6) Aquaman #66 Atlantis Wasn’t Built For Tourists #4 Batgirl #50 – 2nd print Batman #105 Batman’s Grave #12 (of 12) Big Girls #5 Black Cat (2020) #1 Black Hammer: Barbalien: Red Planet #2 (of 5) Blade RunnerContinue reading “Comic Carnival New Releases December 15/16 2020”

New Comic Releases December Week 2 2020

COMIC CARNIVALDecember 8th & 9th releases Alien: The Original Screenplay #5 (of 5)Amazing Spider-Man #54Amazing Spider-Man By Spencer Vol. 10: Goblin Returns TrPBAmerican Vampire 1976 #3 (of 9)Archie’s Christmas SpectacularArkhamaniacs TrPBAvengers #39Batman: Black & White #1 (of 6)Bettie Page (2020) #4 – black bag variantBill & Ted Are Doomed #4 (of 4)Buffy The Vampire Slayer:Continue reading “New Comic Releases December Week 2 2020”

New Releases For December 2020

COMIC CARNIVALDecember 1st & 2nd releases Alien: The Original Screenplay HCAtlantis Attacks #5 (of 5)Back Issue #124Batman #104Batman/Catwoman #1 (of 12)Batman: The Adventures Continue #7 (of 8)Bettie Page (2020) #4Black Widow (2020) #4Boys: Dear Becky #7Buffy The Vampire Slayer #20Captain Marvel Volume 04: Accused TrPBChampions (2020) #3Comic Shop News #1737Covid Chronicles SCDaredevil #25DC Classics: TheContinue reading “New Releases For December 2020”

Final New Releases of November 2020

COMIC CARNIVALNovember 24th & 25th releases We are closed Thursday, November 26th for the Thanksgiving Holiday. We will reopen Friday, November 27th with our holiday sale table ready for you! Action Comics #1,027 Amazing Spider-Man #53.LR Angel & Spike #16 Assassin & Son #1 Autumnal #3 Avengers By Hickman Complete Volume 02 TrPB Backfired #5Continue reading “Final New Releases of November 2020”

November 17th & 18th 2020 New Releases

COMIC CARNIVALNovember 18th & 17th Releases A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night #1 Alien Vs. Predator: Thicker Than Blood TrPB Amazing Spider-Man #53 Aquaman #65 Atlantis Wasn’t Built For Tourists #3 Avengers #36 – 2nd print Batman #103 Batman: Three Jokers HC Big Girls #4 Big She-Bang: Herstory Of Universe HC Black Hammer: Barbalien:Continue reading “November 17th & 18th 2020 New Releases”

New Releases For November Week 2

COMIC CARNIVALNovember 10th & 11th releases 7 Good Reasons Not To Grow Up SC Amazing Spider-Man #52 Amazing Spider-Man #52.LR American Ronin #2 (of 5) American Vampire 1976 #2 (of 9) Annihilator TrPB Avengers Epic: Heavy Metal TrPB Bill & Ted Are Doomed #3 (of 4) Billionaire Island TrPB Bionic TrPB Black AF: Widows &Continue reading “New Releases For November Week 2”